Growth by acquisitions

APC Partners assists its customers in their strategy of growth through acquisitions which, when in presence of adequate financial and managerial resources, generally is an accelerator of business development in terms not only of the size but also of economic performance and value creation for shareholders. The rationale of an acquisition typically consists in access to new products or processes, new markets, better management or in the neutralization of a competitor through an integration (add-on).

The perimeter of the transaction may involve the entire share capital of a target company, a majority stake, a joint venture or a minority stake, a business unit or a brand.

APC Partners, which sometimes advises its clients on already identified strategic opportunities (origination), manages the whole life cycle of the mandate through the preliminary stages of strategic analysis, definition of the goals to be achieved with the acquisition, research and selection of possible target companies, contacts with vendors and their possible advisor, business valuation, economic and financial valuation of the target by analising the available information on the company (information memorandum and data room), definition of a valuation/price range and negotiation strategy, assistance in negotiations until the Letter of Intent (LOI), coordinating other buy-side advisors (accounting, legal, tax, commercial) to the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) and the completion of the transaction (closing).

In buy-side transactions, APC Partners has the goal of identifying the most suitable target according to the customer needs, evaluating the sustainability of the acquisition and achieving the maximum guarantees from sellers post acquisition.