Equity raising

The need to finance an expansion plan, to replace one or more partners exiting the business (replacement) or to balance and / or improve the financial profile and position of the company can all lead to raising additional capital.

APC Partners assists its clients seeking to strengthen the capital structure of their company by opening the capital to new strategic or financial investors, Italian or foreign, through the provision of equity, most often minority stakes, willing to share with the entrepreneur a path of growth that typically is defined in time and ends with the repurchase of the shares, with a listing (IPO) or with the sale of the company to a strategic investor (trade-sale) or to another financial investor (secondary Buy-Out).

APC Partners is in contact with a variety of high profile institutional investors (private equity funds), semi-institutional (family offices) and private investors, some focused on the food and consumer goods and other, more generalist, interested in the same sector with a view to diversifying their investment portfolios. Different types of investors can have significant differences in terms of knowledge and perception of the specific market, the business model of the company, the same entrepreneur and his management team, and the perceived risk associated with the possible investment. These lead to very different views on the value (EV) attributable to a company.

APC Partners has well established relations with all types of investors and can therefore advise its clients on the most relevant partner / suitable investor for the company.